Personal Coaching

I frequently work with people who, despite their apparent success, are no longer finding aspects of their lives fulfilling and feel that something is missing.

This comes from being who they think they should be in life, rather than being who they really are. Wearing the mask of being who you think you should be ultimately results in the feelings listed above.

My purpose is to help you be at your best, and be who you really are. As a result, you will experience more courage, confidence, self-belief, energy and fun in your career and personal life.

You may not feel anywhere near that ‘enlightened’ state of being at the moment . You might be experiencing life as a struggle, or as not much fun, or frightening. You may be tired and feeling directionless, overwhelmed, lacking in enthusiaism, or stuck in a rut. And your work life balance could be, well, out of balance.

This is where my particular variety of coaching works.

I have no ‘magic formulas’ to teach you – like ‘the-Top-Ten-Tips-to-Having-an-Amazing-Life!’ – as I believe these generally don’t work. All the answers you require are already within yourself – you don’t need anything added. My coaching is often a process of removing excess personal baggage, so that you are freed up to  be at your best naturally. This is a sustainable way of living and requires a lot less effort from you in the long run.

I work with you to reveal and deal with your blind spots. Blind spots are the areas you don’t know that you don’t know about yourself, but it is from those that the real breakthroughs in your life come. These are the ‘brakes’ in your life – the areas that hold you back, and are currently masked from you.

At the same time, we work on locating and building your natural strengths and inspiration, and these are the ‘accelerators’ in life, the things that contribute to you expressing yourself at your best.

Through working with me, you get to take the ‘brakes’ off and apply the ‘accelerator’ at the same time, so life rolls forward much more easily and gets to be a whole lot more fun.

What do you get out of it?

You gain insight, perspective and understanding for yourself – the opportunity to explore who you are and where you are going – without boundaries,  and make a profound move from being victim to creator in your life – deep and lasting personal transformation.

Clients gain clarity, direction and purpose, and develop the skills to access these for themselves at any time they choose in the future.

Two clients have put it this way:

‘‘When I met Paul, I thought I wanted to get from A to B. After working with him, what I actually got was far more than I could have imagined – we went way beyond point B. If I had known where I would end up at the start of the coaching, I couldn’t have contemplated it, because I was so shut down at the start. And it’s gorgeous – I’m glad I took the chance!’’

“Having hit a three year plateau, I finally have a clear idea of who the hell I am and where the hell I am going!”

You have to decide whether it is worth it and for that reason, I always give people a free 30 minute introductory call. In that time you will get a flavour of what could be possible for you, and we will both know if we want to work together on this stage of your journey. During that call, I will answer any questions you have, including fee structures, which will help you make a decision whether this is for you.