Client Feedback

Here is what some previous clients have said:

‘In less than twenty minutes I had managed to sort out a load of plans and ideas that I didn’t event realise were preying on my mind.  I think the unique benefit was I came up with the answers myself; Paul’s contribution was to be the catalyst.  By doing this he did not pretend to understand my business, but simply challenged and developed my own ideas. The coaching has made a demonstrable and measurable effect to my business and more importantly, to ME.’

GM, Southampton

‘At last I am clear about how the different elements of my life and three businesses can fit together and work, such that I am able to enjoy them all. This has been a major breakthrough for me. I am now getting results in a way that I enjoy and is sustainable’

GT, Cardiff

‘Thank you for your intuitive coaching and for helping me through a period of vagueness.
When trying to assess the impact of our sessions I can say the following:

  • I feel less pressure, I stopped forcing myself in making decisions, developing action plans, etc.
  • I am happier and more relaxed, I feel I enjoy life more!
  • I let things happen…and things DO happen…rather than trying to control everything
  • I stay open and curious to what might be there for me…’

EK, Greece

‘…Paul’s coaching helped me to find the direction and purpose for my business, and has inspired me to create a business beyond what I initially thought possible. This is a direct result of working on me, the owner, not the business technicalities. It has been incredibly useful to have someone completely unrelated to the business to bounce ideas off, and it has certainly proved a valuable investment – it has saved me the cost of a co-director.’

AW, Solihull

‘I found after working with Paul that if I raise my game, so does everyone around me. Inside three months I had 40% more confirmed business for the year ahead compared with the same time last year, more income and more time to relax and enjoy people’s company. And it has all been without trying hard – weird, but it works!’

AJ, Leicester

‘At a time when I was working incredibly hard in my job, Paul helped me step back and focus on what I wanted to achieve – for me. Regular sessions injected pace and continuity into a process that was previously haphazard as a result of other more present commitments. In addition the sessions with Paul helped me clarify what I was after, giving me the confidence to activate and fully utilise the valuable people networks around me. Bottom line – after three months of thinking and exploring my options I’m firmly on track to create a new, completely different and exiting career! Thanks!’

JM, London