Paul and Tonto slipway bench fence

Paul (with Tonto, his Jack Russell terrier)

In Short…

  • Specialist in coaching and development of people – achieving their best
  • Achieves clarity in any situation
  • Committed to gaining breakthrough results with individuals and teams
  • Experienced trainer of coaches
  • Qualified Coach since 2003
  • Experienced Manager, Coach, Trainer and Speaker
  • Diverse background
  • Author of ‘the Book of Clarity’

In long…

Paul has been creating Clarity for personal clients, business owners and leaders for over 15 years. His passion is enabling people to be at their best in their working and personal lives. This is done by unblocking self imposed barriers to success and learning to recognise and work with accelerators towards fulfilling their dreams.

‘When people experience breakthroughs in their businesses or personal lives, they change for the better. The world never seems to be quite the same again, and what was a real struggle to achieve yesterday becomes commonplace today. My role is to help people achieve these insights and breakthroughs, by removing self-imposed barriers that people have been living with for most of their lives and have not been aware of.’

‘One of the hardest things for me to answer is when people ask me what benefits they can expect from working with me. The truth is I have no idea what results they will get. What I do know is that breakthroughs provide the space for ANY result to materialise. This is because breakthroughs are by their very nature unexpected, sudden and have a permanent impact. And to reassure the doubters, they are always liberating, fun and energising too. Clients are left with a different outlook on life, experiencing an ease, confidence and peacefulness which was not previously available. This leads to tangible breakthrough results in their work and personal lives.’

After taking a BSc (Hons) degree in Biology and Geography, Paul completed a five-year Commission with the Royal Navy. He then joined the Financial Services industry, and created several top performing sales teams through coaching them to own their businesses and work as co-dependent units. Prior to becoming a full time coach, facilitator and trainer, Paul was a founding partner in a firm of Independent Financial Consultants.

Over the last 10 years, Paul has worked with many business owners, executives and teams, from diverse sectors including law, veterinary practice, manufacturing, renewable energy, defence, telecoms and IT – companies such as Vestas, the Royal Air Force, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, Nokia, BT, IBM and Hills Pet Nutrition.

In 2007, Paul published his first book, ‘the Book of Clarity’, subtitled ‘How to be at Your Best’ – a book based on insights gained from his own and his coaching clients’ growth and development journeys.

In terms of some of the industry standard Personality tests:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator – INFJ (very rare and valuable in a team!)
  • Belbin Team Roles – strong Coordinator and Monitor Evaluator
  • Strengths Development Indicator (SDI) – Hub, and stay in Hub under pressure
  • Strengths Finder (Gallup) – top strengths are: Strategic, Maximiser, Relator, Connectedness, Arranger

Throughout his career, Paul has been guided by his personal values of ease, simplicity, clarity, connection, practicality and fun, and uses these to help people find ways forward for themselves that work.

He lives on the South Coast of the UK with his wife and daughters, . Paul also loves leading a local ukulele band and playing other musical instruments, and reusing discarded materials to create practical and beautiful things, particularly in wood. In fact, he is so passionate about repurposing things, he also runs a business converting old oil, solid fuel and gas Agas to electric power, making them easier, cheaper and greener to run – see http://www.hcconversions.co.uk for more information.