Mundane or Inspired?

Many people approach me in the grip of being dissatisfied with their lives in some way. Once we start talking, I become aware of how they are experiencing their lives as mundane. And what they are indicating they want most is inspiration.

You know when you are feeling mundane. The symptoms include boredom, feeling stuck, lack of fulfilment, everything is a problem, greyness, apathy, lack of motivation, doing the same old things the same old ways and getting the same old results, fear of stepping out, feeling like you have plateaud out, anger, frustration, tiredness, predictability becomes important, overwhelm, purposelessness, and feeling like you are going through the motions.

You will also have known being inspired. There is excitement, purpose, clarity, energy, focus, fun, colour, enjoyment, coincidence (or synchronicity), passion, feeling fully alive, direction, a feeling of being in control, certainty, freedom, peace, ease, and a feeling that you are doing exactly what you love in the moment and are unstoppable.

Believe it or not, you choose your own experience of life as it happens around you. You can choose to experience life as mundane or inspiring regardless of your circumstances. And you can create your life to give you inspiration too.

An example of this is that many of my clients experience that if things are not working as they would like them to, then they have to feel insecure or frightened, or at least worried at some level because something is wrong. This is a conditioned or reactive behaviour – it happens automatically. As they have grown up, they have learned that something wrong is bad. The conditioning we have grown up with says to us that ‘if it doesn’t work, it’s a problem, and a problem means that someone is to blame. We’ve all got to go around looking worried and concerned until the problem is sorted out.’ And this bit of conditioning is our way of showing the world that we subscribe to the code of ‘if I work hard, don’t make too many mistakes, and don’t upset too many people, I won’t get the blame’.

Compliance through demonstrating appropriate behaviour (looking contrite and serious in this case) is a way of avoiding being made wrong – the most painful experience many of us have ever had.

However, this doesn’t work in terms of getting what you really want. Sure, it gets you off the hook immediately, but the cost is that you are spending your life avoiding pain (being mundane), rather than welcoming in new inspiration and the benefits to the experience of life that it brings.

It may sound a bit crazy, but what would it be like if people celebrated having a problem, and were overjoyed to have something to work with? Or if our conditioning had taught us to go around with big smiles on our faces, knowing that we have a difficult problem?  For most of us that is completely alien, and we would be very suspicious of someone doing that, because of our conditioning. The point is though that things happen, and we choose how we experience them. Most of us experience them based on our early life conditioning, but it doesn’t have to be like that. By choosing our experience of a set of circumstances, we can often bring additional energy, freedom and power to the situation, and we may actually end up with the result we want rather than a compromise that leaves us feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

We have all experienced both ‘mundane’ and ‘inspired’, and for most of us, life is more enjoyable when tending towards the inspired end of the scale. So what does it take to create this state of inspiration as an ongoing condition?

All the answers are within you already. If you are having difficulty in locating them in yourself, contact me, and we’ll see how we can best bring them forward.

About theclaritycoach

Paul Stonehouse is an experienced coach, educator and speaker, and is completely committed to helping people perform at their best. His particular passion is helping people move forward when they are stuck, enabling them to live and work a in a way which is a confident expression of their true selves.
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